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Ride 02:13
Where's the ride that's calling me, few and far between. This long lost path appeals to me, it never reaches home... I've been awake for hours, logged all my travels, but still this breeze doesn't bother me. I haven't eaten in days, I'm the one to blame, at least you won't catch up to me. Everywhere reads summer, I'm a winded runner, my six shot gun to lead this campaign. That tongue is lying, my mind keeps wondering, I'll take the hit to outrival pain. I'm a dirty breed bounded by the path and a kind of heart that can bleed. I'll take the reigns just don't walk where we ride. Like a petty thief I stumbled, you chain a man, but I'm an animal. When they lift that gate don't you dare walk where we ride.
Moving Parts 03:25
Do you remember the bones we found in the woods? They were stacked up on that stone like it was a goddamn pedestal. All those moving parts, all those sturdy bones. They suddenly, they stood still. And how my mortality finally came to fruition, like it was something real, something I could hold in my hands. I'm coming to terms with this world I built in my head, but I can't seem to do the same with the natural one. What a terrible winter it was, you never know how these things will turn out until they're over. But I know we'll turn it around, until we've got nothing left, but the shoes on our feet. We can still find trouble in the sweetest places, got all the right problems with no solutions. And when all is quiet on whatever front, that's when I hope I'm gone.
Golden Shore 02:37
Miles 05:03
I'm sorry, I'm not a romantic. I'm just not a sailboat, I never was. But you can take me, take me for a ride and when you get sick of me just push me off. Don't you worry I'm fairly certain no matter the distance I'll reach the shore, because when we were children we swam for miles, we never got anywhere... Let's watch another night, turn to another year as another ring raps itself around the trunk of a tree. I went on pretending this here skeleton was built like something else, more like a steam engine. But the truth is, it's not. The facts are one day I'm going to watch all this fall apart. So I think of simple things like ice skates, just spinning circles, carving out those figure eights. While you we're settled in building your life, I was down the street building my bar tab and I know my track record is more like a train wreck, but that doesn't mean we can't turn this whole thing around. I could turn it around, I could go back again, but what makes you think I could just forget every place I've ever been. The miles, we never got anywhere. And the highways spin in circles, through the forest, around the mountains and across the plains. I stare out my window for what seems like forever, watch it blur together and I try not to fall asleep. I never want to fall asleep.


released August 21, 2013


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Horse Thieves and Other Villains Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are a Punk Rock band from Philadelphia, PA. We like playing shows and recording albums. Hope to see you soon...

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